About Trail Run Manitoba

Operating as a community organization, Trail Run Manitoba, is all about building an amazing community of trail runners in Manitoba. While most of our activities centre around Winnipeg, you’ll find us running trails where ever we can find them in the province.

Trail Run Manitoba was started by Dwayne Sandall and Natalie Duhamel in December 2007 in a fit of pre-new years resolution ‘now is the time’ inspiration. Since the first year with the Try a Trail race series, we have expanded to include ultra marathons, first the Beaudry Lemming Loop, then the Spruce Woods Ultra. And through our strategic relationships with like minded organizations such as Olympia Cycle Club, since 2013 we have helped organize an ultrarun as part of Actif Epica and Where’s the Beach.

The goal was simple. Put on great races, by runners for runners. If you, at any point, feel that we aren’t meeting that simple goal, please tell us; these events are about you.

The Trail Run Manitoba team:



Dwayne Sandall

Dwayne’s first exposure to organized running was on a dirt track in the middle of nowhere. Returning to running after a grad school induced hiatus, he realized that while road marathons were sort of fun in a way that only other runners will understand, he decided to have more fun by getting off the roads and running ultra marathons. Since that first 100k there has been no turning back – he now accumulates dirty trail shoes and as many different ways to carry water and food on the trail as can be imagined.


Natalie Duhamel

Natalie is a reformed runner. She endured the sport of running long enough to snag a man (the One and Only Dwayne Sandall), then decided that this man runs enough for an entire family and so she decided to take a permanent hiatus from putting one foot in front of the other until you reach the end. In lieu of running, Natalie lovingly cuts up foodstuffs for the One and Only Dwayne Sandall during his races of increasing distance.


Joel Toews

Joel started running in High School, participating in the longer distances on the track team, and then took up triathlon completing many including the Morden Tinman Triathlon at age 17. Since then, his running has been up a down over the decades, but for many years ran roads and has completed over a dozen marathons. Then Lemming Loop 6-hour happened in 2012, followed the next spring by a tough Spruce Woods 50k, and then a summer of great exploring participating in the Trail Run Clinic. He was hooked. For the past few years he has raced, paced, crewed and volunteered at races, taking a larger role this year co-directing the Try-A-Trail Series. He also really loves great coffee, potlucks and taking a “casual” approach to trail running.


Mallory Richard

Mallory ran her first half-marathon on the roads in 2011, but switched to trails and ultrarunning in 2012 when she heard there was candy involved.  She keeps running for the good feeling that comes right after the sense of dismay and futility in the late stages of a long race.  And for the great people she meets racing and volunteering.  And for the candy.  When she isn’t running, Mallory sits at a desk or does squats and watches Netflix.

Trail Running

Alain Foidart

If genetic testing were mandatory for top performers, Alain Foidart (also known as A1) would be in trouble. Not to accuse A1 of being part of the future wave of genetically engineered athletes but because it would point out the fact that he shares 33% of his genome with Odocoileus virginianus, or more commonly known, white-tailed deer. Similar to the deer, A1 shares both its bounding abilities and its diet. As a vegan, he is mostly powered by chickpeas and dried kale leaves.

He cites as his inspirations his son and his lovely wife. For him, they are the reason for his determination and strength as a runner. This point is demonstrated during his training sessions that include 24 hour power hikes with his son safely stowed in a backpack child carrier. A1 excels in all distances from ultramarathons to the “ugh, I’ve just woken up and need to make coffee” distance.

When he’s not running up a storm, A1 can be found diligently reorganizing his collection of running shoes and hats. He also dabbles in the obscure world of beardsmithing when he is found sitting in a dark room speaking gently to his beard to encourage the perfect dense growth.


Alain Dupuis

Alain is happiest running trails, plain and simple. At first, running was just a way for him to release the stress of daily life. Later, running became so much more. He found great reward running in nature both on urban trails and in Manitoba’s parks. Trail running also connected him to an amazing community of people. He found inspiration in this mix of athletes with fun and easy-going attitudes. Soon after finding the world of trail running, he finished his first ultramarathon and realized that not all addictions are bad.


Carrie Howell

Carrie is a “late onset” runner who made a New Year’s Resolution in 2011 to run a Half Marathon. She ran her first steps in March of 2012 with the one & only Dwayne Sandall, of Trail Run Manitoba fame, as part of a training clinic & successfully completed her first Half in June of that year. Since then she has never looked back & has whole hearted embraced the mud, sweat & tears of Trail Running & its amazing community! Carrie can often be seen & most definitely heard cheering on her fellow runners at Trail Run Manitoba clinics, group runs & races.


Keri Wizibicki

Keri was long an avid hiker and a road runner; trail running seemed like the logical progression as it allows her to combine these two passions, and also to spend time with a community of the kindest, most fun people to be found.  Her style of trail running involves seeing just how slow she can run, just how many berries she can consume along the trail, and stopping frequently to take photos and identify hallucinogenic mushrooms and animal poop. She has yet to lose her first toenail.


Jo Holmes

VP of Enthusiasm

From her first late-onset running experience for Jo running has always been about her state of mind. Once she discovered the level of fun that trail running had to offer, it was all downhill, uphill and around the bend from there.
Not one for great speed or ultra distances (yet), Jo prefers to get out into nature and discover what is around the next turn, and beyond the next hill.

Rheal Porier

Rheal has an impressive pedigree. He belongs to the flying frenchies bloodline, a group of french Canadians faster than the swiftest rivers between these here parts and Upper Canada.
Passion flows through his veins, and draws him to the great outdoors. Since recently discovering trail running, he can finally put a name to going for a run while avoiding pavement. Other variations on that theme include adventure racing, orienteering, hiking, camping, and canoeing. Always one to want to share in the fun he has, Rheal is also a dedicated volunteer and organizer of things like “fat ass” group runs. Rheal’s role within Trail Run Manitoba is to bring the non-coffee-drinker’s perspective to the group. He has also been known to chop wood with his bare hands.

Krystee Van Den Bosch

As student of horticulture it made perfect sense to Krystee to combine her passions; running and nature. She is inspired by the earth and enjoys running trails, for her it is peaceful and freeing.  Intrigued by the stories of various Ultra Runners before her she has decided to go beyond marathon distance she is familiar with and explore greater distances. Off the trails Krystee likes to hammer out metal art pieces and beat the drums.