Turtle Trails Saturday February 20th

Hello Everyone,

Firstly just wanted to send out a big shout out to all the athletes who participated in this past weekend’s Actif Epica & a massive THANK YOU to so many of you who we saw out on the course volunteering your time!

Team Turtle will be heading out for our weekly training run Saturday February 20th.

We will be starting from the Forks Market, meet point will be the Pancake House entrance. 
Early Turtles will be starting at 6am, with a return trip to the Forks to pick up later starters at 8am. 
Planned mileage of up to 24 miles, feel free to run for as long or as short as you would like. 

Sunday some of us are running the Hypo Half, others may want to plan for a run a Birds Hill Park.

Hope to see you there!