2016 Trail Running Clinic

Our original clinic concept is geared to runners who are comfortable running at least 10km but are looking to: get stronger; get faster; explore a whole lot of trail; hang out with some really awesome trail runners; and/or try something completely new.

The 2016 Trail Running clinic will start on Wednesday June 22nd and run for 12 weeks until mid September. The format is based on two group run/workouts per week, on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

The Wednesday evening sessions will be held at rotating locations within Winnipeg, and the weekend (Sunday) runs will venture beyond the city limits exploring trails around the province. The goal is to explore a new trail network every weekend.

The Wednesday workouts are designed to be both challenging and fun, with a focus on skill development, strength training and stamina workouts. The weekend runs are all about going a bit longer, exploring and seeing just how diverse the trails around Manitoba can be.

Get Results!

This clinic is designed to get results! All participants have gotten faster and stronger over the course of the 12 weeks. We do a standard fitness test on the first and last session, and everyone has scored higher at the end.

Get Social!

Since 2013 we spent a weekend camping and trail running at Riding Mountain National Park. This will be part of the clinic activities again in 2016; we had an amazing time last year, and this year should be even better!

All sessions will be led by Dwayne Sandall and  who has been trail (and ultra) running and coaching since 2004 and has worked with hundreds of runners from absolute beginners to those seeking their elusive Boston qualifiers or venturing into ultra marathoning for the first time. Joel Toews, no stranger to the trails (and stage races) will be helping out and adding his wisdom and experience to the mix.

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